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Low Water Cut-Offs for Steam Boilers
Reliable Electronic Operation
Easy to Install
Low Maintenance; No Blowdowns
No Moving Parts to Wear or Stick
Time Delay Prevents Burner Short Cycling
Inexpensive to Own and Operate

How It Works
Hydrolevel low water cut-offs electronically monitor the water level in low pressure steam boilers. The probe sensor mounts directly in the boiler at or above the lowest safe water level. The control allows the burner to operate normally as long as the water level remains in contact with the probe.

Model 400
CG450 CGT450
Voltage 24V 120V
Time Delay
Probe +30
Intermittent Level Test    
Tankless Coil Applications    

Time Delay
When the water level drops below the probe, the Hydrolevel control safely shuts down the burner after a 15 second delay. This delay feature prevents the burner from short cycling during temporary low water levels common in turbulent steam boiler environments.

Probe +30
When the water level is restored, the control delays 30 seconds before restarting the burner. This allows an optional water feeder to raise the water above the probe to a normal operating level.

Intermittent Level Test
CycleGard cut-offs offer added protection against volatile water levels and foaming conditions common in today's smaller steam boilers. The control's Intermittent Level Test removes power from the burner circuit, allowing it to monitor the settled water level. CycleGard controls are available in several time configurations (run/test time).  Consult your boiler manufacturer's instructions for correct model.
More Info on CycleGard Controls

Tankless Coil Ready
CycleGard CGT450 models are designed for boilers equipped with tankless coils for domestic hot water production. Through a connection to a conventional aquastat, the CGT450 suspends the Intermittent Level Test feature until the aquastat's low limit setting is reached. This feature prevents any cycling of the burner during demands for domestic hot water. Note: Because Safgard 400 and 450 models are not designed to cycle the burner for Intermittent Level Tests, they too are recommended for boilers with tankless coils.

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