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Hydrolevel Company
Hydrolevel Company was founded in 1965 by Michael DeLeonardis, an engineer specializing in steam pressure vessels. Through his vast experience with steam boilers, Michael became well aware of the shortcomings of float-type level controls. The moving float linkage was often no match for the harsh boiler environment and Michael witnessed the costly and sometimes dangerous results of dry-firing a boiler.

In the mid-1960's, Michael began experimenting with improved designs for monitoring boiler water levels. By utilizing water's ability to conduct electricity, he designed a non-moving electrode that accurately detected water within a boiler.

In 1965 he teamed up with his son Dominick and partner Russell Rymer to establish Hydrolevel Company... The Safgard trademark was launched and production of the first probe-type low water cut-off was underway.

Since that time, Hydrolevel has continued to develop liquid level technology to meet the changing demands of boiler manufacturers and heating contractors. Today, Hydrolevel's product line includes state of the art steam controls, including the programmable VXT water feeder and the revolutionary new CycleGard cut-off. Hydrolevel also produces a variety of controls for residential and commercial hot water boilers, like the popular 170 and 550 model cut-offs to our latest micro processor based "Mini" controls.

Hydrolevel is located in New Haven, Connecticut, where we manufacture all of our quality products. Hydrolevel proudly supplies most major boiler manufacturers and serves the needs of heating contractors through plumbing and heating wholesalers nationwide.
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